February 12, 2014

Oscar's valentines

Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014

Oscar's been pretty interested in crafts lately, and loves to tape, cut, fold, draw, and write. With this being his first year in pre-school, I was inspired to think up some valentines for him to help me put together to give to his classmates. I know this is sort of last minute for this year's Valentine's Day, but hopefully some of you can keep this bookmarked for next year.

Just download the template here, and cut and fold along the guides provided. Carve out the hearts with an Exacto knife - it's a bit tricky I know, but it gets easier with practice. Then I had Oscar write his classmates' names and his name in the space provided. I packaged up little fruit gummies in some flat clear cellophane bags I had, and stapled it to the edge of the bottom flap (Oscar was able to help me staple a few, but it was tough for him). Fold up the back flap, apply double-stick tape to the small top flap, and press down tightly over the back. Enjoy!


Ish said...

I want one! Happy V Day!

Unknown said...

these are such a darling. i'll have to plan them for next year. fruit gummies are perfect for gluten free classroom. thanks for sharing. :)