August 28, 2014

Gymboree + Eric Carle

Gymboree Eric Carle line Gymboree Eric Carle line Gymboree Eric Carle line gymboreeGymboree Eric Carle line04 Gymboree Eric Carle line Gymboree Eric Carle Gymboree Eric Carle

The lovely folks at Gymboree sent me some PJs from their new Eric Carle line and they're just fabulous! We're huge fans of Eric Carle books, so I was pretty excited to put them on the boys. Oscar keeps asking to wear them even when it's not bedtime and Ian got a kick out of seeing the same bear on his book and PJ pants. He kept pointing at the pants and the book while exclaiming "Same! Same!" I swear I didn't tell them to hold up the books in that first photo - they just thought it was so fun to have PJs to go with the books that they were just hamming it up for me. The cotton on these is so soft and plush. We have another older pair of Gymboree PJs and they're seriously the only ones that have held up through both boys!

The collection will be released next Tuesday, 9/2, and there will be a special Eric Carle event at all Gymboree store locations on Friday, 9/5, from 10am to noon. There'll be an Eric-Carle-themed craft and story time reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Be sure to check it out!

March 20, 2014

a colorful birthday party for Ian

ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday ian's 2nd bday

We never had proper celebration when Ian turned one since we were in Paris at the time, so of course we had to throw him a real party for his second birthday. Since Ian loves to eat, and is really a happy little guy, I loosely based the party off of a little piggy I drew and a fun and bright color palette. We held it at a park and couldn't have asked for better weather. I made a garland of half-blown-up balloons and made tiny floral centerpieces for the picnic tables. For the kid favors I sewed small felt totes and glued felt letters for the first initial of each kid. The adult favors were chocolate bars repackaged in patterned paper I designed and printed. We were having so much fun that I forgot to have Ian wear the birthday hat I made him until the party was practically over!

Photos by me and Traci Yau of 45wall Design

February 12, 2014

Oscar's valentines

Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014 Oscar's valentines 2014

Oscar's been pretty interested in crafts lately, and loves to tape, cut, fold, draw, and write. With this being his first year in pre-school, I was inspired to think up some valentines for him to help me put together to give to his classmates. I know this is sort of last minute for this year's Valentine's Day, but hopefully some of you can keep this bookmarked for next year.

Just download the template here, and cut and fold along the guides provided. Carve out the hearts with an Exacto knife - it's a bit tricky I know, but it gets easier with practice. Then I had Oscar write his classmates' names and his name in the space provided. I packaged up little fruit gummies in some flat clear cellophane bags I had, and stapled it to the edge of the bottom flap (Oscar was able to help me staple a few, but it was tough for him). Fold up the back flap, apply double-stick tape to the small top flap, and press down tightly over the back. Enjoy!

September 20, 2013

new things in the shop

weekly planners 2014 shapes calendar pocket planners scales cutting board blossom tray blossom tea towel
I've been adding lots of new things in the shop over the last few weeks but keep on forgetting to mention it here! The 2014 wall calendar and planners are up now, as well as birch trays and cutting boards, and some new tea towels and zipper pouches too. I've been really wanting to move more into textiles, but am realizing that it takes a lot of time to roll out a new product - I'm making mistakes left and right and learning a lot along the way. Plus, I still really love working on the planners and wall calendar, and they seem to do pretty well every year.

I also pulled together a new and very simple website, but for now Etsy will probably still be my main shop.

August 15, 2013

a day in the city

SF SF SF-delphina2 SF-delphina SF These are some photos from a day in San Francisco I spent with some friends earlier in the summer. I can't wait 'til the boys are a little older so that we can venture into the city more on weekends. There's seriously so much more good food up there. On this particular trip we hit up a couple of good old stand-bys - Pizzeria Delphina, Tartine (they ran out morning buns just before we got to the front of the very long line!) and Bi-rite Creamery. We also (finally!) got to visit Heath Ceramics, which was as stunning as I had expected. I've been really enjoying taking photographs in non-pressure situations, and find that I'm most interested in capturing a mood, or scenes that aren't set up or people who aren't posing.

June 18, 2013

slow summer days

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

I've been really enjoying the boys lately. I find myself looking at them and wanting to capture and remember forever this moment or that feeling. Things feel a bit slower, less chaotic. Maybe because I've found a good rhythm, maybe because the boys have been going through a good phase, or maybe because Oscar is in pre-school a couple mornings a week now. Probably all of the above.

June 11, 2013

an afternoon at the beach

beach beach beach beach beach

Some shots from an afternoon at the beach a couple of weekends ago. Oscar had been wanting to go and had a great time playing in the sand and with all the sand crabs Irving caught. The beaches here tend to be on the colder side (by California standards) in the summers, but the weather was pretty perfect that day. I've been trying to let the boys spend more time outside, which I confess isn't natural for me, being a homebody who is sort of afraid of messes and maybe even the heat and the cold. They just seem happier and calmer outside though, and I know it helps me to slow down too.

March 26, 2013

more paris snapshots

paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013

Here are the last of the Instagrams from Paris. We're back now, and there's much we're missing about our time there, but it's so good to be home too. I felt the time pressure during our last week there, and wished we had just one more week to check everything off my list. I was happy though that we made it to the top of the Arc de Triomphe to enjoy the view of Paris sprawled out before us. If it weren't for the cold and a fussy baby I would've wanted to linger up there longer. I was seriously afraid I was going to drop my iPhone over the edge trying to get that last shot with cold hands and a squirmy baby strapped to my chest! I must say that I really, really love traveling this way - being in one place and taking things in slowly, wandering around making your own discoveries, and going back again and again to get your favorite pastry or cup of hot chocolate.

March 3, 2013


paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013

Bonjour friends, we are in Paris! We're here for a few weeks and are really enjoying ourselves so far. Paris really does not disappoint. This is our second time here, though this time we're here for longer and have two little ones in tow. It took us nearly a week to get over jetlag and settle in, and we've been taking it slow for the most part. We're probably out and about for no more than a couple of hours a day due to naps, the cold, and just tiredness from lugging the boys around. We also eat in most of the time because it's just easier. We're staying in an apartment in the lively Rue Montorgueil area and love that everything we need is just steps away. We also can't get enough of all the amazing bakeries right on our street and have been eating a lot of pastries and baguettes with butter (why is the butter here so much better?). It's great not feeling rushed in trying to squeeze in a bunch of touristy activities and be able to just enjoy life here. Above are a few snapshots from my Instagram feed, follow along @dozidesign if you'd like!