November 30, 2007

Wedding goods

I should be working on some stationery for next week's craft faire (sponsored by my work - a tech company no less!) but of course got distracted with catching up on blogs. Once I get it all together, I'll share some photos of what I'm selling. I'm excited, but a little scared, since this is my first time selling anything I've created. I'm trying keep realistic expectations, telling myself that not everyone's going to like what I make, and that this is at the very least a good experience to learn from.

On another note, I finally took
some photos of my wedding stationery before packing it away for good. I loved designing the invitations and all the neat paper goods that come with a wedding. I splurged and decided to go with letterpress invites and thank you cards, but produced everything else with my inkjet. I also spent many hours with my cutting board and bone folder. It was all about the paper! Even though I've enjoyed designing for other people, it felt so good to have the freedom to do whatever I wanted. I'll just post a couple here, more can be found on my flickr.


Lara said...

wow they're gorgeous! i love that yellow letterpressed pattern - sooo nice!

woman, you should have started blogging months ago ;)

insaknitty said...

I totally second what lara said. heehee... I'm so excited! and feeling somewhat guilty about not blogging myself... haha. :D

clieu said...

nice, I loved your invites and paper goods and I think the letterpress was worth it :)

kayla said...

These are gorgeous! I love your aesthetic + your blog.