January 24, 2016

A simple and pretty birthday for Noa's first

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This blog has been sorely neglected since I mostly post on Instagram these days, but I wanted to record all the details of Noa's first birthday, and this still seems like the best place. My goal was always to have just one big birthday party for each kid where I have coordinating invites, decor, and favors. I've recorded both the boys parties on here so I thought I should follow suit with the last baby!

For Noa I've been really drawn towards delicate floral patterns and neutrals with subtle splashes of pale pink. This is mostly what I've been sticking to with her clothing and it just made sense for a first birthday party for a little girl. I wanted it to be girly but in a more subtle and sophisticated way, so I kept the front of her invite super simple (probably too simple for most people's tastes!) with just text, and designed a floral pattern for the back of the invite.

For the decor I made a simple bunting using some linen and Liberty fabric that I already had, and covered a table with natural linen fabric. I found some delicate pink and white flowers with various greens to fill some vases and also make a flower crown for Noa. I used the pattern from her invitation to make cupcake flags and also wrappers for the favors, which were just filled with little toys for the kids. I also couldn't resist making a small layered cake with the layers exposed and used the same flowers and greens to decorate it. It all ended up being quite a bit of work but I'm really happy with how everything turned out!

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