August 28, 2014

Gymboree + Eric Carle

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The lovely folks at Gymboree sent me some PJs from their new Eric Carle line and they're just fabulous! We're huge fans of Eric Carle books, so I was pretty excited to put them on the boys. Oscar keeps asking to wear them even when it's not bedtime and Ian got a kick out of seeing the same bear on his book and PJ pants. He kept pointing at the pants and the book while exclaiming "Same! Same!" I swear I didn't tell them to hold up the books in that first photo - they just thought it was so fun to have PJs to go with the books that they were just hamming it up for me. The cotton on these is so soft and plush. We have another older pair of Gymboree PJs and they're seriously the only ones that have held up through both boys!

The collection will be released next Tuesday, 9/2, and there will be a special Eric Carle event at all Gymboree store locations on Friday, 9/5, from 10am to noon. There'll be an Eric-Carle-themed craft and story time reading of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Be sure to check it out!


Rita said...

ahhh adorable! we love those books :)

Cleen said...

The boys look so cute in their jammies!

Anonymous said...

omg, they are so cute and adorable, so sweet. :)