March 12, 2012

last hurrah

gott's shortbread cookies

We took another trip up to San Francisco this past weekend as a sort of last hurrah before the baby comes. We tried to go to Tartine but the line was way too long so we went next door to Pizzeria Delphina which was fantastic. It made us wish we had more regular access to great food down in the suburbs of silicon valley! Then we walked over to the Bi-rite market and loaded up on some pints of ice cream (yes, we brought a cooler!). We drove over to the Ferry Building afterwards to walk around for a bit before meeting up with some friends at Gott's for burgers and fries. Oh, and yes, those are swim goggles Oscar has around his neck in the first picture. He's been really into wearing them everywhere.

I've been making a lot of nut milk since the last post, and have been trying to figure out what to do with all the nut pulp. Last week I just threw in a batch of nut pulp while making these shortbread cookies and they actually turned out pretty good. I'm still on the lookout for healthier options though.


Anonymous said...

nut pulp cookies sounds great! i'll have some when i come =)

Rita said...

mmm looks tasty :)

Mica said...

You always have the most amazing photos! Loved it! :DDD*