March 4, 2012

37 weeks

The girls from my church small group threw me a little surprise baby shower recently. It was so sweet of them since I wasn't expecting anything at all, and all the little details were just perfect. I love the Anthropologie-inspired hair ties Sumiko made and included in the favor box. Oscar still has days where he drools quite a bit, so I cut up some old shirts and sewed them into bandana bibs. I like how they look on him better than regular bibs. I've been reading this great book (thanks Susan!), and feel inspired to cook with better ingredients. This past weekend I made lentil spread using this recipe, and some almond milk using this video. Both turned out great!


Sumiko said...

I was so happy to hear how divinely timed the surprise was for you! So glad we could bless you, and just in time! as these last few weeks are flying so quickly by!

I didn't realize you made the lentil spread, and would have tried it . . . but alas, was too preoccupied with the furikake chex mix! :)

So happy to see you and P wearing your hair ties!

cleen said...

aww! love the shower decorations and favors! the colors are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love how the favour boxes are wrapped. Elegant. Modern. Easy.