June 29, 2011

tea collection

The lovely folks at Tea Collection contacted me recently and asked me to choose and review a couple of their pieces, which I would then get to keep. I had heard good things about Tea before and had seen some of their children's clothing, so of course I couldn't pass up this fun opportunity to score some cute new clothes for Oscar! I ended up getting 2 tees for him, both of which I love. I especially like the striped henley -- the little almost-3/4 sleeves and the colored buttons are so cute. And the cotton on both tops has a really nice feel.

I was pleasantly surprised that they make women's clothing as well, and was pretty excited when I saw this dolman-style top. I've been really liking this look lately but haven't actually been able to find many that I like (especially ones that are all cotton and machine-washable, a must when you're exposed to dirty little faces and hands everyday!) This may become one of my favorite tops - I'm tempted to get another in gray!


Rita said...

i love them all :) always so fashionable!

insaknitty said...

aw, you both look so cute! :D they have the cutest clothes, don't they? I would totally get isa and me some matching outfits from them, except that I totally would never get us matching outfits.

Sarah said...

Tea contacted you? Ooo so awesome and jealous...if they need more reviewers...be happy to!:)