June 17, 2011

color and pattern

Couldn't stop taking pictures of the beets I was preparing the other day. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful.

I've been playing around with patterns a lot the past couple of days, trying to decide which ones to use, and what kind of goods to make out of them.


insaknitty said...

oooh... so pretty!!

and where did you get the stripey and golden beets?? I've only ever been able to find the regular ones at my farmers market. do they taste the same?

Sumiko said...

I've never paused to notice and appreciate the loveliness of a beet. The first image reminds me of the little striped kamaboko fish cakes in the Japanese market with their happy pink striping. Love the many found patterns, and excited to see what you make of them!

Wendy said...

susan - yeah, they're not always there, but sometimes they'll have them at the farmer's market. and this last week they were gorgeous! i thought they tasted pretty similar, but irving thought they all tasted slightly different. the pink and white one was softer though.

Lasso the Moon said...

Mmm. beets! I've been juicing them and adding the juice to fruit and yogurt smoothies for the kids. They still taste slightly earthy, but are almost completely disguised. Yours are gorgeous! I've never found the other colors before.