January 13, 2008

Sewing machine cover

When I bought my sewing machine, I was bummed to find out that it didn't come with a hard cover, since I knew that older models did. I decided to make something like a dust cover for it.

It was a bonus that I happened to have fabric that matches the light blue-green accents on the machine. I kept an opening in the top for the handle, but the top can still stay closed when the handle is down.

It was really nice to be able to sew a little this weekend. Having a finished project, even a simple one, is soooo satisfying! I think I'm going to take a nice Sunday afternoon nap now :)


silvercocoon said...

this is better than a hard cover - looks beautiful~!

Lucky said...

beautiful blog - glad i found it! ingenious leaving the openeing for the handle - u seem like a pretty good seamstress!

kayla said...

That was a great idea to add the opening so that you can still carry the machine. I love the fabric you chose and the little white vases, too!

MA said...

So funny, I think I have the same fabric. I love your cover - did you just wing it...or did you have a pattern?