January 7, 2008

Happy hand towels

I've been meaning to replace our old hand towels for awhile. This weekend I finally got around to buying some nice new white ones and slapping on some cute fabric from my stash (now that they're all pre-washed and ready to go!). I was a little bummed we really only needed 2 hand towels - I wanted to do more!

While poking around on the web today, I came across Avie Designs. Absolutely beautiful and completely inspiring! Nothing gets my heart rate up like pretty patterns on paper. (Okay okay, pretty patterns on fabric too!)

And even though it's still winter, I am eyeing this strappy cuteness (in brown).


insaknitty said...

super cute!! :D I'm so gonna cute up my towels too. heehee.

Anonymous said...

wendy?? is this really you?? congrats on the cool stuff you are doing and the craft shows! i've been wanting to do that for awhile, but haven't mustered the guts to actually follow through. =)

Anonymous said...

is this the amy butler belle line? i have the same fabric . . . i just don't know what to do with it yet!! (my sewing machine still has yet to see the light of day . . .) such a cute little touch to the towels! nicely done.

Anonymous said...

ooh what a good idea with the towels! ;) - c

Avie said...

thanks for dropping my name! Love the blog.