December 6, 2007

First craft faire

Well, my first craft faire has come and gone! I had so much fun preparing for it and was a little nervous, wondering how people would respond to my stuff. Everything went pretty well though, and I learned a lot from watching what people did and didn't buy.

It was hard deciding how much to charge for the goods, and about halfway through the faire I
even changed the price of one of the items. The gift tags were most popular, I think partly because they were the least expensive.

I also had some Christmas-y and non-Christmas-y blank cards and little gift enclosures with matching envelopes.

Figuring out how to package everything was just as fun as making the cards and tags.

I was itching to do some patterns after being inspired by the Japanese pattern book, so made just a few saddle-stitched notebooks too.

I can't believe how much fun all of this was! Much thanks to my wonderful hubby and friends who came by to visit and to man the booth while I went to the bathroom. Haha. One brought me lunch, another a Peet's vanilla latte, and a third milk tea from my favorite place! Boy was I wired in the afternoon.


cornelia said...

beautiful! i love the acorn and the red-colored "thingymabob" not sure what it is, but it's cute! hahaa

insaknitty said...

wendy, you are so awesome. :) was that the pic you took with your phone? haha. I'm sorry I forgot to take pictures. :P oh well - I know there will be more craft shows for you! :D

kristenelisewong said...

Wendy, your stationery is so delightful! Especially fond of the acorn ones. Congratulations, businesswoman!!

anita said...

very nice wendy! =) i really like all the different patterns you came up with. and it all looks so professional. =) love the packaging and presentation. =)

Unknown said...

Hi Wendy! I found your blog through Emily's xanga - I love your stationery and all of your pictures!! I looked through every single one :D Congratulations on starting up your business...and also on getting married!!!! :)

silvercocoon said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! your work is breath-taking. will you be selling online?