December 11, 2007

Flying high

We recently had a family "kite-off." We were to each make a kite, which would then be judged for design, cost, height and stability of flight. I decided I wanted to make a frameless kite since it would only require sewing. Unfortunately the day of the kite-off turned out to be balmy and completely windless, and my kite needs much more than a gentle breeze. I didn't win, but hey, my kite was the prettiest! Plus, it forced me to finally open up my brand new sewing machine and now I can't put it away. I did finally get to see it in all its blue and yellow glory one afternoon when we took a trip up to Half Moon Bay.


kristenelisewong said...

Wendy, your kite is exquisite! Per your request, I posted my circuit board reindeer to my blog.

kristenelisewong said...

I blew up a jpeg of a circuit board using Adobe InDesign (to poster size) and then overlaid that with a blown up gif of a reindeer (taking the opacity from 100% to 14% so that only the black outline and not the white space would show). Then I emailed the pdf to a local printer. It looked like a huge photo print when it was returned in hard copy to my office. I then cut it out using the black outline as a guide.