April 11, 2012


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The weather was gorgeous this past weekend so we put together a simple impromptu Easter egg hunt for Oscar in the back yard. We filled the eggs with Cheerios since he had stuffed himself silly with plenty of sugar at Sunday school already. He didn't seem to mind though - the boy loves to eat. It was nice to get some fresh air, as I've been in a sort of lockdown since Ian's birth in keeping with Chinese tradition. My mom's been the enforcer, making sure I eat the proper foods (no salt, lots of protein cooked in sesame oil and cooking wine, and no fruit - this last one is the hardest!), but I can't help but eat some forbidden things when she's not looking!

The jar above is from a trade I did with Shelley from Vitrified Studio - pretty, right? It's sitting on some new tea towels that I need to iron and sew up. Speaking of which.. the shop re-opening probably won't happen until May or June, since we'll be busy packing and moving back to our own house in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited to be back at our own place (we've been living with my mom to keep her company). Things feel very transitional and temporary right now - I can't wait for life to feel a bit more normal again!

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Rita said...

wow, so soon! let us know if you need help moving or packing OR if you want to just hang out :).

I miss you guys!