June 5, 2009

last of france

Oops, I guess I lost steam there with posting France photos! I have a few more, but I think I'll just end with these last 2 night shots. We actually didn't go inside the Louvre at all and went to d'Orsay instead because we wanted something a bit more manageable. But since this was my first time in Paris, I still wanted to at least see the outside of the Louvre. We ended up taking stroll on our last night in the area and it was so beautiful. The buildings were all lit up and it was nice and quiet. There were some musicians playing classical music off to the side and just a few other people walking around. A perfect way to end the trip.

Sorry for the sparse posts lately! I'll be back on Monday with some exciting news, so stay tuned..


meredith cheng - munaluna said...

Paris does look so romantic... =)

permanentcloud said...

it's all very beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

how gorgeous! Thanks for the camera update- I'm gonna save my pennies ;p.

melissa said...

i preferred musee d'orsay to the louvre, but being outside the louvre was amazing! :)
pretty pictures, again.