October 23, 2008


See how she looks all wide-eyed and innocent here? Well, look at what this little puppy did today. Twice.


I was tagged awhile ago by my friend Anita, and more recently by Laura. Here are 7 random facts about me:

1. I like to organize the dishes in the sink before I wash them.
2. In 5th grade, I starred in a musical called "The Most Amazing Snowman." I was the snowman.
3. I used to only wear colors like light gray, taupe, and light blue. And then after college I started liking red, then orange, then green, then yellow. Now I appreciate them all.
4. I prefer comfort food over fancy food. A good burrito will always win over sashimi.
5. I love the beach and the ocean, but can only swim the backstroke. I have issues with the whole breathing thing.
6. I can't stand the feeling of nail polish on my finger nails, but don't mind it on my toe nails.
7. I'm a night owl, but am constantly trying (unsuccessfully) to go to bed earlier.


Sumiko said...

I love the expression on her face! We came home to a similar one tonight and immediately had that uh-oh sinking feeling, quickly surveying the house, taking inventory and anticipating the carnage.

The casualty was an entire box of the baby's organic cereal bars, freshly bought from Whole Foods and left unopened and vulnerable on the kitchen counter. Maia's tummy's been paying for it, which means we in turn have as well . . . I'm glad Charlie likes tp better than drywall! :)

Sumiko said...

Oh yeah, can you tell that I'm a fellow night owl by the timestamp? :) Must get to bed NOW, since the boss will be up in 6-7 hours!!

melissa said...

aawwww look how charlie looks so innocent!!! at least it's just toilet paper...my cousin has a dog who jumps up on their table and eats their food!
i always played the guy's role in my old elementary school plays. i went to a girls' school and it didn't help that i was the tallest.

Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

When we first got our puppy, she had TP parties every time we took our eyes off her! Must be tons of fun :)

Anonymous said...

Still loving this pic.

I with you on comfort food. Give me meat and potatoes any day.

Anonymous said...

awww!!! but i like susan's suggestion about orienting the TP the other way. technically it sounds like it would work. good luck with that... hehe :)

p.s. i totally do #1 also! i can't stand it otherwise.

cornelia said...

wow that's some serious tp-ing!! my dogs haven't gone that far. hahaa =) only a bit here and there.

MON said...

wait till charlie is over a year, dogs change a lot but I used to close all the doors at home so Rufino(my mini schnauzer) didn´t do that.

Laura said...

Great random facts, thanks for joining in! I am the same about nail polish, it feels heavy on them. wierd but true :)

Little Bohème said...

definitely the same look as the cat in Shrek!!

Anonymous said...

Charlie had fun and now she is ashamed but just a little. She is so cute and adrable with that look on her little doggy face.


Jacqui Dodds said...

Ah - you cannot tell me off if I look like this!
I love the sea and swimming pools - especially outdoor ones in a nice location and when it's warm.
I know what you mean about the breathing thing when swimming, I have been taught how to do it properly but still feel like I am drowning!

Anonymous said...

Charlie, so cute though a menace!