April 10, 2008


There hasn't been much crafting going on lately - I finally jotted down a nice long list of things to do before opening up an Etsy shop in May. It's something to shoot for, but I won't be too disappointed if it gets pushed back since there really is quite a bit to do! One of the main things is to finalize and refine the design and construction of these perfect-bound notebooks.

I designed this pattern for the craft faire back in December, and it's sticking. Sometimes I think I have a keeper, but it'll fall to the bottom of the list as I come up with more new designs. The ones that continue to stand up against each new design become permanent keepers. It reminds me to keep on pressing ahead, even if I've come up with designs that I'm pleased with. Good designs must be put to the test! So I think this one is a keeper, but who knows? We'll see if it keeps on passing the test.


silvercocoon said...

oooo. looks great - can't wait for your etsy shop!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm looking forward to your etsy shop too.

Ruth said...

hey wendy! i love your notebooks, they are so pretty. once your shop is up, i might be tempted to grab one. :)

i've been humming and hawing about my own etsy shop too. i wrote a bunch of ideas down, but i keep pushing back the date, because there's always stuff coming up! at first it was this past january, then i said this spring, and now it's looking like summer or so. =P

i'm guessing you'll be at dave/rachel's next weekend. see you there! :)

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

Your notebook design is lovely! I agree with your attitude towards 'the keeper' theory...some designs become permanent keepers but they still need to measure up against the new ones. I think it's important to grow with your designs :)

cornelia said...

pretty! i would buy one. =) hehe now if i can just start journaling again. hehee

Diana said...

I love this design. I can see many things in this design. It has a
70's feel to it. At first I thought it was an elephant, then I thought I could see an igloo. It's a keeper!