January 3, 2008

A new year

Ah, it's been a good break. I had the last week and a half off and it's been the perfect mix of rest, fun, and productivity. The Christmas dinner we hosted for our families was great. I got to clean and even make some pillows for our naked couch. I've been really into gray and this citron-mustard-yellow, so couldn't resist these two finds in the clearance bin.

I also did a little decorating and decided to pink and pre-wash most of my fabric collection. It's taking awhile, but I think being able to just pick up a piece of fabric and sew will keep the laziness at bay when inspiration strikes. I really want to get better at sewing this year!

Just before the weekend we flew out to New York to visit my college buddy and her parents in New Jersey. We only had about a day and a half in the city and besides all the good food we ate (always central to reunions with college friends!), one of the highlights was visiting Takashimaya. Unfortunately the online store is bit sparse, but everything there was just so beautiful and unique. In New Jersey we rested, played games, cooked, and of course ate! If we had more time I would've loved to visit the Lotta Jansdotter store in Brooklyn amongst other cute shops I always hear about.


insaknitty said...

pillows! :D so cute! glad you had a good break. whee!

Bianca said...

so happy I found your blog :) I love everything you designe & make! adding you to bloglines now

Anonymous said...

wheee fun times fun times =) ok too many blogs to read ... not to mention i should be writing. - c

Lucky said...

good idea - prewash all your fabrics in batches - learn something new everyday :) thanks!