August 17, 2012

5 months

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Ian is 5 months! He's been using his hands a lot more recently and squeals with delight with very little prompting. He's such a happy and easy-going baby and I'm just soaking up all his babyness. Oscar is at the age where he's eager to learn and experience new things. He can be so trying at times but also so silly and sweet too. Life has been full and I've been trying to just enjoy this stage when they are little. It can be such a struggle to just be in the moment when you're tired and always thinking about the next meal or the next thing on the to-do list, but I bet one day I'm going to look back and see that this life stage is one of the best.


Rita said...

eee i love your babies :)...sooo cute!

Leen said...

That's so true!

Ronnie said...

That first one of his little foot is just too precious!
Ronnie xo

XV Mind said...

The first one is great!