May 16, 2009


We spent out last three and a half days in France in Paris. I definitely wish we could've spend more time there so that I can take my time and really soak everything in and enjoy more of the non-touristy areas.

One thing I love about Paris is all the brasseries and cafes with outdoor seating. We found people sitting outside and enjoying a meal or a cup of coffee even when it was cold and rainy.

The buildings in Paris have such character, and I love the surprising jolts of color you find just walking around.


Krissy | Paper Schmaper said...

wonderful pics- love the top one! my in-laws just returned from Paris and had a zillion photos... such a cool place.

Anonymous said...

loving the angle!! i wish i could visit paris one day... =)

Unknown said...

We're going and these pictures are only getting me more and more excited! If you don't mind me asking- what type of camera were you using?

Wendy said...

celia - how exciting that you'll be going soon! i was using the panasonic lx3. it's awesome :)

melissa said...

j'aime les photos!!! :)