September 21, 2008

Settling in

The first project in our new place is completed, thanks to my handy husband! The master bedroom closet had just one rod across, so to accommodate all our clothes, Irving raised the rod up a few inches so that he can have a second rod on his side, and shelves on my side (per my request). Since part of the closet had to be repainted anyway, we decided we might as well pick a color other than white. It's such a relief to not be digging through boxes for my clothes every morning. And since the master bedroom is also not a construction zone anymore, we're now sleeping in there (rather then the guest bedroom) with our new queen-sized bed and new sheets.

master bedroom closet

Trips to the thrift store to drop off random stuff gave me an excuse to look around as well. Here are some finds from this past week. The ceramic canister at the bottom is perfect for storing ginger and cloves of garlic in the kitchen. My favorite is probably the little yellow cup at the top left.. it feels a bit Scandinavian to me.

thrift store finds


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Ooo what finds, great colours and nothing beats a bargain from the thrift store! Best of luck with all your decorating, the shelves look ace so neat and tidy - I wish mine would stay like that!

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

Yay for finished projects! Your closet looks great—and shelves are definitely a necessity :)

And your thrift store finds are fabulous! The whole collection reminds me very much of Scandinavian design...I think it's the colours.

Laura said...

Its so cool to see your closet! So neat and very tidy! I love your new cups and jar, my favourite is the blue mug on the top shelf, here's to thrift store finds :)
Glad you got the print and liked it too x

Anonymous said...

irving did a good job :)
it must feel nice to finally have your closet/sleeping area somewhat in order. does it feel like home yet?

Anonymous said...

Did you paint your bedroom? I love that grey. Do you recall the name of the paint?

AMM blog said...

This must be so exciting for you! I like all your coordinating ceramics as well!

Wendy said...

Mon petit - I hope it stays neat forever too!

Ruth - yup, it's definitely starting to feel like home :)

PJ - yes, we did paint it! It was just a beige before. The paint color is "gray horse" (2140-50) from Benjamin Moore. It turned out a bit cooler than I was envisioning, but I still like it a lot. I went there after I couldn't find the right shade of gray at Home Depot.. Benjamin Moore has so many colors!

cornelia said...

oooh love the mugs. hehee reminds me of the thrift shop we used to go to in cambridge. i can't even remember the name. around our area, there are TONS of tag sales going on now.