July 16, 2008

Renegade craft fair in SF

Wow, I said I'd post some stuff about the Renegade on Monday and now it's Wednesday already! Well, here it is, though I wish I took more good photos of people's tables and goods. I felt a bit embarrassed taking pictures for some reason, so only took a few, none of them very share-able. There were tons of sellers, all with really neat stuff. We nearly died of excitement as we walked in! Look at the masses of people! It did get fairly crowded, but it wasn't too bad. It certainly didn't deter us from checking out every table.

renegade craft

Here are some of the goods I bought - mainly cards and postcards, but also some little vintage earrings from Cara Lyndon and wooden pins from timber (for the new tote!). The cards are from Petit Collage and Satsuma Press, and the postcards are from Poster List -- they really have some great stuff.

renegade craft

And as is my usual habit, I collected a bunch of paper souvenirs - here are some of my favorites. Though I didn't buy anything from their booths, I really liked Cut & Paste, Particle Zoo, and Lali.

renegade craft


silvercocoon said...

wow. looks like you found some fun things! but i wonder, why didn't you have a booth?

Unknown said...

wasn't it amazing there? just amazing. i felt weird about taking photos too, but i tried to sneak a few here and there.

Sumiko said...

i LOVE the verse/verse/chorus . . . notecard . . . something i always scribble down in my notes, but never thought to turn into a graphical statement. totally clever!

casey said...

i love the fruit on the wood!

Wendy said...

Tia - I think I might apply to be a seller next year :)

Alison - Yes, absolutely amazing! I loved it all.

Sumiko - I really wanted the poster version, and think I would've gotten it if it was in some fun color!

Casey - yup, I couldn't resist :)