June 8, 2008

Printing with Lotta

Lotta's printing party up in the city was so much fun. I tried not to get too worked up on the idea that not only was I in the same room with my favorite designer, but she actually TALKED to me (only for 5 seconds, but still!). Of course I stayed cool on the outside, but inside I nearly died of excitement. Basically there was a big table with chairs all around and blank squares of white linen and everything you needed for printing with potatoes, stencils, and lino blocks -- all pre-cut and ready to go. Lotta was super duper nice and went around the table to help people out and give tips and just make sure everyone was having fun. I did end up bringing 2 slices of lotus root which others seemed to enjoy printing with as well.

Here's Lotta and the very amateur print I made at the party using my lotus root slices, a stencil out of Lotta's book, and a linoblock she provided.

We had dinner afterwards at B Star, where we had these great lotus chips (yes, a very lotus-y day it was). We also walked around Hayes Valley where I enjoyed plenty of eye candy at Lavish, Fiddlesticks, and Cotton Sheep. I love bringing back little paper souvenirs.


Bianca said...

ohh I'm so jealous...you're a lucky girl ;)
Hope you had a great night, no doubt.

Looking forward to your future work.

AMM blog said...

Oh my goodness! How thrilling! I'm so excited for you! I wish I could have gone too...!

Christina said...

you brought the lotus root! so glad people loved it and it looked so great! thanks for coming.

cornelia said...

haha i was gonna ask if you fried your lotus root! and then i saw the chips picture. haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lotus root!

I'm the one who did the baby shirt, it helped me to finish it beautifully :)
Great idea indeed!

Danielle said...

Wow how fantastic! I absolutely love Lotta's designs, it must have been awesome to meet her :-)

Wendy said...

Danielle - it really was awesome! I wish I had to guts to actually talk to her .. she seemed so nice!