May 19, 2008

Pocket jotters

Wow, I've really been neglecting this blog - but for good reason! I've been working hard on my Etsy shop opening the past few days and making good progress. I'm done making everything for my initial inventory and just have a few things to take care of before I go live with it all - product photos, descriptions, etc etc. I'm going to give little sneak peeks of my first collection here over the course of this week, and will soon set a date for the actual opening.

Here is the first set of pocket jotters - small, perfect-bound notebooks with original patterns for the cover.


insaknitty said...

oh, wendy! they are fabulous! I can't wait for your etsy shop to open! so exciting! :D

kayla said...

Love the notebooks! I'm looking forward to seeing what else you stock your shop with.

And I want SO BAD to learn how to make my own original patterns. You make me want to find a technology tutor!

silvercocoon said...

wendy - these are absolutely lovely! and the table in the previous post is breath-taking. can't wait to see more sneak-peeks!

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

*Ooh!!*. Your pocket jotters are fabulous!! I just LOVE the teal and brown one in the bottom photo...I can't wait to see your etsy store!! You must be so excited! x.