April 8, 2008

Wiksten Tova dress

I was incredibly fortunate to get my hands on a Wiksten Tova dress last week. Jenny had announced a sale, and when the time came for the items to appear in her Etsy shop, I was armed and ready to click my way to this dress. I saw the items appear, views increase rapidly, and the items disappear - all in less than a minute. I missed it! A couple days later, on a Sunday night, I happened to be checking my email just as an update came in from Jenny saying that she has enough material for one more dress, and was putting it in the shop right that second. I jumped over to her shop right away and couldn't believe that I actually got it this time - pure grace.

Well, it came in the mail yesterday and it really is beautiful.

The material is a soft, lightweight wool, is super comfortable and drapes well, just as Jenny said. And as expected, it is very well-made and fits me perfectly. I'm thankful that the weather is uncharacteristically cool for the bay area right now so I don't have to wait to wear it.

Jenny shows herself wearing it with black knee-high boots, which I have and does look great, but I think it also works well with skinny jeans.

This is my first handmade clothing purchase, and I must say that I love the fact that this was handmade just for me, based on measurements I sent to Jenny. It's more than I normally spend on a piece of clothing, but it's definitely worth every penny. I love my new dress.


jenny gordy said...

thanks for being so sweet! you look beautiful in it, and i love it with those jeans + bag!

insaknitty said...

I love your new dress too! it's super cute! can't wait to see it in real life and ooh and ahh in person. heehee. :)

silvercocoon said...

oooooo i love it with the jeans, too!

Anonymous said...

It looks fantastic on you, Wendy!

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

Your new dress is beautiful. I hope you enjoy wearing it immensely! x.

Anonymous said...

muito giro!