April 27, 2008

Millie the bunny

I sewed another bunny doll for another friend's little girl's birthday earlier (the birthday was earlier, the gift was not early at all) this month. It's fun to finally start cutting into some of the fabrics from my stash.

I tried some different things this time - and some of those things worked well, some not as well. Sewing these little bunny dresses is making me think about how real clothes are made. I would love to make real clothes at some point, but that is further down on my list of crafty endeavors. Jenny is starting a series of posts on sewing tips that I'm pretty excited about. I feel like I sometimes make things up as I sew and wonder what is the proper way of doing things.

Irving is off camping with the guys this weekend, so I had a good time shopping with my mom and hanging out with my family. I also got to hang out with these fellow artsy and craftsy pals which was tons of fun. Tomorrow I plan on spending the afternoon at home just doing whatever I feel like. I love time with friends and loved ones, but boy is it nice to be alone sometimes.


anita said...

nice! such stylish clothes... maybe you should start out with some baby clothing designs... i can totally see those bunny dresses as baby dresses.
i started knitting a bunny... we'll see how it turns out

insaknitty said...

I had lots of fun too! :) totally hear you on the alone time too... I'm enjoying some right now, actually! heehee.

Traci said...

It's so fun to hang out with you Wendy!

And I so love that wee bunny. Your knack for coordinating color and pattern will never cease to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the bunny! Can I order a Wendy original for my little bun bun? :) Love how the Amy Butler fabric is featured on the insides of Millie's ears. Such sweet details!

casey said...

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! your blog is so great!! looks like we may be in the same boat with a "soon to open" etsy shop... good luck!