March 13, 2008

Tag collages & yellow fields

I was at the hospital the other day and spotted these on the wall:

I love the small details, the textures and simple palette. Turns out they are by Sarah Lugg, a mixed media artist from England. I was a little disappointed to find (from poking around on the web) that she licenses her artwork for scrapbooking papers, posters, and even has a couple of books. I think collages like these don't look as authentic when it's been reproduced or reprinted. It makes them look more commercialized or something.

I was thankful for a little lunch time escape today - a friend told me that some papers from the Martha Stewart Crafts collection at Michael's was on clearance, so of course I had to go see. I ended up buying a couple rolls of wrapping paper and vellum for only $1 a roll. I also stopped to enjoy the yellow fields across from my workplace..


insaknitty said...

$1??! wowza... I must stay away... were there good ones left?

anita said...

yay =) glad you got to find a few things. thinking of you today. =)

kristenelisewong said...

Beautiful picture!