January 23, 2008

Perfect-bound notebook

Wow, I can't believe over a week has flown by since my last post! I had this past Monday off which was great - I hung out with some friends and then had a nice dinner up in SF with Irving. It's been really wet and cold the past couple of days. There's been reports of snow down here and while driving to work this morning I saw quite a bit of snow covering the top of the hills (or are they mountains?) in the distance. So beautiful. Anyway, I managed to squeeze in just a teeny bit of crafting recently:

I've always loved the look of perfect-bound books and notebooks, and recently found out that it's possible to make one myself! I spent a whole afternoon reading tutorial after tutorial and had Irving make me a little book press. And then the press sat there for a loooong time before I collected everything else I needed. But I finally did it!

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. The spine seems strong (I'll probably test it some more) and is easy to flatten out when opened. I used some leftover covers from the saddle-stitched notebooks I made for the craft faire. I'm definitely making more of these!


Bianca said...

That looks so impressive and professional...any links to the tutorial? I love this notebook

anita said...

wow! nice! =) teach me teach me. =b

Anonymous said...

wow you can bind your own books and put fabric on it?? that's so awesome! i wanna learn! =) haha or better yet ... can i just buy from you? ;) maybe i'll send you fabric. hahaa =b

Anonymous said...

wow this is amazing?! they look so professional! please tell what tutorial u used?! i would like to make some of these for myself!