March 26, 2013

more paris snapshots

paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013

Here are the last of the Instagrams from Paris. We're back now, and there's much we're missing about our time there, but it's so good to be home too. I felt the time pressure during our last week there, and wished we had just one more week to check everything off my list. I was happy though that we made it to the top of the Arc de Triomphe to enjoy the view of Paris sprawled out before us. If it weren't for the cold and a fussy baby I would've wanted to linger up there longer. I was seriously afraid I was going to drop my iPhone over the edge trying to get that last shot with cold hands and a squirmy baby strapped to my chest! I must say that I really, really love traveling this way - being in one place and taking things in slowly, wandering around making your own discoveries, and going back again and again to get your favorite pastry or cup of hot chocolate.

March 3, 2013


paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013 paris 2013

Bonjour friends, we are in Paris! We're here for a few weeks and are really enjoying ourselves so far. Paris really does not disappoint. This is our second time here, though this time we're here for longer and have two little ones in tow. It took us nearly a week to get over jetlag and settle in, and we've been taking it slow for the most part. We're probably out and about for no more than a couple of hours a day due to naps, the cold, and just tiredness from lugging the boys around. We also eat in most of the time because it's just easier. We're staying in an apartment in the lively Rue Montorgueil area and love that everything we need is just steps away. We also can't get enough of all the amazing bakeries right on our street and have been eating a lot of pastries and baguettes with butter (why is the butter here so much better?). It's great not feeling rushed in trying to squeeze in a bunch of touristy activities and be able to just enjoy life here. Above are a few snapshots from my Instagram feed, follow along @dozidesign if you'd like!